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person. >>shepard: back to you as news develops. presidential candidate mitt romney a step closer to the g.o.p. nomination after he won, big, last night in illinois. the race is not over. not if you ask the other candidates. the experts say it is over. lane and simple. that's it. it's over. today, rick santorum told supporters, romney cannot seal the deal. >> he will say what he needs to say to win the election that is before him and if he has to say something different because it is a different election and a different grew of voters he is willing to say that, too. ladies and gentleman we have had enough politicians like that in this country. >>shepard: looking for a boost in the saturday's primary in louisiana where he leads in the polls but he feats as tough road, very tough, the did the math is almost impossible and top republicans are now and have been calling for the party to unite behind romney. and carl cameron is in new orleans. former florida governor bush endorsed romney saying end this drawn out protracted school-yard fight, already, it is not beginning to produce to h
consistent leader has been mitt romney, but has been unable to seal the deal. the latest challenger is in the top spot, is rick santorum. there are 400 delegates up for grabs, alaska, georgia, idaho, massachusetts, north dakota, ohio, oklahoma, tennessee, vermont, and virginia. former house speaker newt gingrich is looking for a campaign come back focusing on the south well ahead in the home state of georgia and polls show tennessee is not out of reach. texas congressman ron paul has yet to win a single state but he has picked up a handful of delegates and there is an indication he plan, no indication he plans to drop out. and there are frontrunners, rick santorum and mitt romney locked in a dead heat in ohio, a key battle ground state. the biggest provides of the day with the delegates. carl cameron is live in boston. several tight races, carl, starting with ohio. >>carl: yes. the second biggest delegate prize but the one that will be most wanted and has been incredibly scrutinized. the battle between rick santorum and mitt romney down to the wire. a week and a half ago mitt romney
election. campaign carl cameron like in cleveland, he. romney called newt gingrich and rick santorum washington insiders but now he may have trouble making that argument. >>carl: well, today, rick santorum has a new word, a single word, with which to describe mitt romney and he calms hip a hypocrite stemming from a video that goes back ten years to mitt romney's 2002 run for the governorship. they say they were both lobbyists and earmarkers and relying on the washington pork but this is romney that was recorded by democrats and discovered by abc news and it changes the dynamic for romney. >> i'm a big believer in getting money where the money is, and the money is in washington i learned from my olympic expense if you have people who understand how washington works and have personal association there you can get money to help build economic development opportunity. >>carl: they said, look, the governor, at time a candidate, he did what all chief executives do, get their fair share of the federal taxes and go back to washington. all the governors do it and as for the charges from santo
city, counting down to the biggest one day haul in the republican race. frontrunners mitt romney and rick santorum fighting for the upper hand that could last until june. ron paul and newt gingrich look for enough support to stay in the race. and it is all about super tuesday. ten states coast to coast and 400 delegates up for grabs and newt gingrich making the final pitch to voters in tennessee and ron paul in idaho but rick santorum and mom focusing on ohio and the 63 delegates. no republican has ever become president without first winning there. the real clear politics average of the polls has the two frontrunners in a dead heat in ohio but there are new indications that rick santorum has lost ground in recent days. the only other super tuesday state with more delegates than ohio is. which is newt gingrich's home state and he has said he must win there and the polls show he is well positioned to do so, and the last chance for a newt gingrich come back but a loss could end his campaign. campaign california cameron is live in zanesville, ohio. >>carl: the court is not until tomo
. another sign the republican establishment is closing ranks around romney, next, the key endorsement going into the next round of primaries. and the supreme court has heard the argument not health care case what are they really doing behind closed doors? excuse me,ir. i'm commandeering this booth. the people need to save. ah. hidey-ho, neighbor. tell you what. with all the money i saved at progressive, i'm just saving it forward. this parking's on me. appreciate it. thanks again. progressive, the messenger. how are you? you guessed it. you don't have to pay. awesome. you bet. so i pay you now or later? never. thanks a lot, progressive. boom. save. >>shepard: fox news is america's election headquarters and romney picked up a key endorsement in wisconsin a few days before folks go to the polls. the congressman paul ryan tells fox news romney is clearly the best g.o.p. candidate to go up against president obama in the fall. >> i am convinced romney has the skills, tenacity, courage and integrity to do what it takes to get america back on track. >>shepard: the house passed his $3.5 trillion bu
be better off with president obama than with fellow republican mitt romney. listen to what he said. >> we win by giving people the choice. we win by giving the people the opportunity to see a different vision for our country not someone who is just going to be a little different than the person in there. then we could just stay with what we have, not the etch a sketch candidate of future. >>trace: romney said he was disappointed with santorum's comments and newt gingrich had this to say. >> to suggest that a romney presidency would not be dramatically better for any conservative than an obama presidency is plain wrong. >>trace: rick santorum said "he would never vote for president obama over any republican and do suggest identification is preposterous," but he went on to say "if this election is about obama versus the obama-lite candidate we have a tough time rallying the nation." romney has won more states and delegates than any other candidate including rick santorum but the polls show rick santorum has the lead in louisiana ahead of the primary there. and the chief political correspond
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. a huge day in the battle for illinois. the republican presidential frontrunner, romney, headed into the primary with a solid lead. the top challenger, santorum, looking for an upset win in the land of lincoln. there are 54 delegates up for grabs. it is a two-man race in illinois with newt gingrich and ron paul focusing efforts elsewhere. tonight's outcome could help romney cement the first-place showing. but a strong showing from rick santorum could strengthen his case to keep running. that is exactly what he hopes for. he said a surprise in illinois and carl cameron is in chicago. rick santorum has said he wants to go head to head in a debate. is it working? >>carl: he has argued with newt gingrich out of the race, santorum argues the conservative tea party-type voters in the republican party would ultimately leave gingrich and go to santorum and make it possible to beat romney so in illinois where newt gingrich and ron paul are not competing aggress every, santorum is getting his head to head matchup with romney and the romney campaign is loving that because the polls up to t
. the news begins anew, on "studio b" just in, super tuesday, dust has settled. and romney took most of the delegates home and rick santorum gave him a serious challenge with lots less money and almost no organization. plus the family of a 25-year-old mentally handicapped man who died in a sleep clinic suing that clinic for his death much the legal panel is in on this. and the ipad got an old new one. we have everything you need to know about the new ipad live from the ipad she unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but first from fox at 3:00, diplomats tell us that satellite images appear iran cleaning up secret nuclear works. this comes amid world-wide skepticism over talks for the nuclear plan and nuclear says it must be ready to act if the talks fell but the national security advisor added that israel is "very happy" iran opened the door and the french say tehran does not seem willing to negotiate. six world powers including the united states this woke agreed to restart negotiations with iran after a year long standstill. and that has led to threats of a pos
america, not just one person. and lots about our interview with romney, that was a tough interview and you threw everything and he handled it brillantly. what do you think? >>shepard: another unexpected twist on the campaign trail. wow, rick santorum with not one win but two. swept the south. newt? what does that mean for the state of the race, carl breaks it down and secretary of defense panetta today in afghanistan where he is trying to stop the fury of the killing of the 16 afghan civilians. what will that mean for the mission there? a pentagon spokesman joins us live and in final day of freedom. for our blog -- blago off to prison tomorrow and he has parting words before he heads to the house. all ahead including this guy who says listen to me, this guy who says that at&t is threatening to terminate his unlimited plan. we talked abutted unemploymented plans for data on the iphone but he had an unlimited plan which suddenly is not unlimited. what do they want from him? a confidentiality agreement that he should sign. he is talking. we're listening. even if breaking news changing
words, to keep romney from getting enough delegates so he captures the nomination this time for the convention. romney's have pac beat the heck of him in iowa and he didn't like it but he says washington establishment and the "elite media," are trying to end the race prematurely. >> we have no idea how it will work out and never seen a process like this in our life and it is possible we could be at the end of all the primaries june 26th with no one at 1,044. >>shepard: that the goal if he stays in. there has never been the following situation before: a situation where one billionaire, one billionaire, can fund one candidate, although he is almost completely out out of this race, fund him to the point where he can stay in the game although he don't have it. the number of delegates required to secure the nomination is that and romney has a big lead and rick santorum is back in second and newt gingrich tells fox the more rick santorum and romney fight the more attractive he, look. so far he has won but two of 30 contests and he called mississippi and alabama "must wins," he did
. they are on center stage. mitt romney is emerged as the frontrunner with more delegates than the other three combined but he has had trouble gaining traction in the south and in mississippi and alabama he is neck and neck with newt gingrich. rick santorum and ron paul have trailed. political analysts say newt gingrich's credibility as a candidate is on the line because he staked his entire campaign on success in that part of the country. and now to carl cameron live in birmingham, alabama. newt gingrich, will he win? not win? >>carl: they are setting the stage for what newt gingrich hopes is the big celebration gala for what he thinks will be two wins, alabama and mississippi. newt gingrich has said he has to win these states as part of the strategy to build an organization nation-wide from the deep south yet the polls have closed tightly and it is looking it could be a three-way photo finish and as a consequence the delegates which the vase about, delegates for the nomination at the convention in august in tampa, they could be near three-way even split. so newt gingrich who needed a decisive victory
header in dixie yesterday. but he is still behind. the frontrunner, mitt romney, took home more delegates. he padded the lead with wins in hawaii and south american samoa but struggling with key republican voters with half of the voters in mississippi and alabama say he is not conservative enough. rick santorum's southern sweep was a blow to the newt gingrich campaign and the southern strategy which it does not matter how he plays this today. it doesn't matter. the truth is, what just happened for newt gingrich is a disaster. the former speaker vowing to stay not race. karl cam ran is live in washington. carl, gingrich has a beef with romney who put him out of the race early in iowa with millions in anticampaign dollars and they beat him up. now, him staying in the race is hurting rick santorum. what is he doing? >>carl: newt gingrich is staying in for a number of reasons. he believes romney has to be stopped. and he believes if he stays in the race in combination with rick santorum the two conservatives will split up the base of the party enough to make it impossible for romney to win th
, according to the new research group romney is in a tie with the rival newt gingrich in mississippi and 34 percent to 32 percent and rick santorum and ron paul trail, and in a similar story in alabama, this time newt gingrich with 34 percent and romney 31 percent a dead heat. and now john roberts is live in alabama. what is the feeling? do you have a sense? >>guest: well, the feeling is to quote a famous southerner, this race is tighter than a too tight bathing suit in a too long ride home from the too far beach. it is anyone's race. newt gingrich wants to win. he doesn't he will be regardless of what he says hard pressed to make the case going forward to be viable so he came out swinging against romney. romney said this morning on friend, what am i? >> if i am weak, and i am well ahead of him. i don't begrudge them that they campaigning and working hard and getting support, but, i believe ill-become the nominee. >> romney made a bold prediction in mobile, alabama, saying he is going to win tomorrow. >>shepard: with the conservatives split that is a possible. is rick santorum with a nod to
in the establishment is chanting that santorum and i should quit, well, romney has to earn this. it will net be given to him. we have every right to run. >>reporter: he said if romney clinches the nomination newt gingrich will support him. >>shepard: the frontrunner is taking hits from the president today. >>guest: from the vice president and the white house, that is true, mocking and listerring attack on the foam governor from vice president biden, he cast romney as "out of touch," with working americans and the enemy of manufacturing jobs, and speaking at an engineer firm he also revived a line attack against romney that newt gingrich and the other g.o.p. candidates pressed for much of the early part of the year. >> bain capital closed down to factories in south florida that made medical devices and moved production to germany. they shut down a plant in, is -- in south carolina and another that then outsourced production overseas. i am familied to say, mitt, thanks for the memory. >> in a statement the romney campaign shot back and i quote, "under president obama's leadership, over 800,000 fewer
. the latest average of the polls show the tie with mitt romney and rick santorum in alabama and mississippi a new survey shows romney and santorum in a virtual dead heat based on the margin of error but today, newt gingrich told supporters he will beat mitt romney on tuesday. >> i did not come to ask you to help us today. we came here today to ask you to help america. if you will work hard the next few days we will win on tuesday. when we win on tuesday we will have a remarkable impact on the race, again, for the ninth or tenth time the race will change. >>shepard: and rick santorum is consider add favorite in rule kansas among social conservatives and called it a "must win," state. and now, to wichita, kansas, the competitors have left kansas for him, is the mar wind of love, higher, so high, that is the case? >>guest: well, we cannot actually fiend any recent polling to show that but talking to a number of people in the republican party santorum is favored that much. this is a very red state when you talk about the values vote. where santorum's social conservative resonates. in this g.o.p
of louisiana. and mitt romney has struggled to win over the conservatives and evangelical the key to the southern base of g.o.p. he lost in tennessee, georgia and south carolina and oklahoma south industrial. and while the math is still on his side a losing battle could give his rivals more reason to stay in the race. and now, live to washington, dc, do the polls from the southern state news, who ever thought it would be good news? >>guest: alabama is a key state on tuesday. we have a new poll and most recently it shows romney in first, followed by newt gingrich, and then santorum another four points back in third and ron paul in 4th. the second poll was taken before super tuesday and it did not offer paul as an option which has santorum in first and then romebly and newt gingrich with a huge number of undecided, roughly 20 percent in one and 30 percent in the other so folks in alabama and across the south have not made up their mind. >>shepard: newt says he needs those. i am sure there are more calls for him to step aside. >>guest: there are reports that a top santorum strategist
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)